I have many ways for you to improve as a musician!

The Ten Minute Virtuoso

The Ten Minute Virtuoso eBooks motivate musicians achieve goals, master their instruments, and be ready for any performance. Full of scientifically-proven strategies that work in the real world, these eBooks lay out the details of the Ten Minute Virtuoso method.

The Ten Minute Virtuoso is written for all musical instruments. Editions also available for guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

Practice Planner

A best-seller with over 80,000 sold, this notebook works successfully for all instrumentalists and vocalists. Used worldwide by thousands of self-taught musicians and in private lessons, Suzuki programs, and university music departments.

For all instruments and genres, this book is a must-have for musicians who are serious about achieving their musical goals.


Coaching with
David Motto

Coaching with David Motto

I offer two levels of coaching:

Monthly Group Coaching Calls:
These calls are included in my Ten Minute Virtuoso “Premium eBook” package.

One-on-One Coaching:
Premium, personalized coaching is for musicians who have already started using the Ten Minute Virtuoso method and want direct feedback from me.

Workshops and

Music Expert and Public Speaker David Motto

I give talks, master classes, clinics, and workshops to musicians, music teachers, and music students.

I’m available to travel worldwide to fulfill my mission of helping all musicians achieve their musical goals.