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What’s the fastest way to learn how to play a musical instrument?

That’s the number one question your students want you to answer.

Luckily, there’s a growing body of scientific research that answers this question. You no longer have to rely just on your own experience or your conversations with other music professionals.

This research, while it backs up much of what you’ve known for years, has a few surprises too – especially for your students! These students depend on you to give them this information in a way they can understand and easily put to use.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been focused on this topic since 1997. I’ve created books and tools for you and your students – all designed to make learning their instrument as efficient and effective as possible.

Take a look at what I have to offer. Sign up for my free eBooks and Practice Tips newsletter. Buy my books (with a special discount for teachers only). And, share all of this information with your students!

Discover Your Students’ Biggest Problems – that they don’t even know they have

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Music Teacher Essentials

The Ten Minute Virtuoso

The Ten Minute Virtuoso motivates music students to practice every day. This book is full of scientifically-proven and music teacher-approved strategies. Your students will learn how to have highly focused practice sessions to get a lot done in a few short minutes.

The Ten Minute Virtuoso is written for all musical instruments. Editions also available for guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

Practice Planner

A best-seller with over 80,000 sold, this notebook works successfully with any teaching method. Used worldwide by thousands of musicians in private lessons, Suzuki programs, and university music departments.

For all instruments and genres, this book is a must-have for your lessons.
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The Musician’s Practice Planner Helps Teachers Excel

Teacher Ambassador Program

The Teacher Ambassador Program was set up by Molto Music for teachers who use the Musician’s Practice Planner with the students in their teaching studios. These teachers are Ambassadors because they are spreading knowledge to a new generation of musicians who are learning:

–The most effective and efficient ways to learn to play their instruments.
–The Top Ten Practice Tips
–How to avoid the biggest and most common musician mistakes.
–How to plan and meet (or even beat) goals.
–That success and self-esteem from music translate to ALL areas of their lives.
–That by focusing on the right skills, they can accomplish anything they want.

For several years now I have been requiring my voice students to use your spiral bound Practice Planner. This has revolutionized their weekly accountability as well as helping me understand how better to assist their overall development. Using your planner has been a very positive step, and I will continue to promote its benefits to all my students.
Timothy W. Sparks
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Music

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How to Make Great Students

As a music teacher, you know that it takes more than great lessons to create great students.

For your students to meet their full potential, they need:
–Inspired words and creative techniques from you
–Knowledge of exactly what to do in between lessons – when you’re not there to guide them
–Specific, attainable goals so they always feel they’re moving forward
–Every tool available to give them the best chance for success

The Musician’s Practice Planner was designed with these goals in mind. This book will give each of your students the best lesson experience possible.

Teachers Know and Trust the Musician’s Practice Planner

Music teachers have been using the Musician’s Practice Planner in lessons for over a decade. In that time, these teachers have seen the positive results first-hand:
–Students are better prepared for lessons
–Students achieve their goals more quickly
–Teachers, students, and parents have improved communication
–Both students and teachers have an easier time remembering details of previous lessons

Teachers of all instruments in every genre, working with students of all ages, use the Musician’s Practice Planner. These teachers work in their own private studios, in music store lesson programs, in public and private schools, and in university music departments. Many are members of these and other teacher organizations:
–ASTA (American String Teachers Association)
–MENC (Music Educators National Conference)
–MTNA (Music Teachers National Association)
–SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas)

U.S. Teachers:

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