Information Just for Bass Players

Why improve your sightreading skills?

  • Never be afraid when someone asks you if you can read.
  • Be a more versatile bass player.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Get more gigs.

    VOLUME 1

    Essential Sightreading Studies for Electric Bass volume 1

    VOLUME 2
    Essential Sightreading Studies for Electric Bass volume 2

    VOLUME 3
    Essential Sightreading Studies for Electric Bass volume 3

    Essential Sightreading Studies
    for Electric Bass
    by David Motto

    For over 10 years, these three volumes have served bass players who need real-world examples to improve their sight reading skills.

    What world-class bassists say about these books:

    … an excellent method for up-and-coming bassists–a must read!

    I highly recommend Dave Motto’s book to anyone trying to get their reading together. The method is so clear that with a little diligent study, even a beginner should be sightreading in no time. VICTOR BAILEY

    … I think David Motto’s book is a very good vehicle for bass players to strengthen their sightreading. If you take these simplistic steps everyday, you’ll be reading everything and anything. CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE

    Now available in 2 formats:
    – Printed books with play-along audio CDs: $19.99
    – PDF books with play-along mp3 tracks:

    Ready to put your reading skills to the test? Buy a single volume or buy all three with a special bundle pricing!


    David Motto’s three-volume Essential Sightreading Studies for Electric Bass books are best-sellers! top 30 best sellers for 2011 includes the Essential Sightreading Studies books in three of the top four spots. Volume 1 was the number one best-selling book on the website for all of 2011.

    Bass guitar lessons are a great way to learn to play the bass.  In addition to your lessons, take advantage of all the free bass information available online!

    Bass Guitar Parts

    Knowing all the parts of your bass will help you communicate with other musicians, repair technicians, and your teacher. (Click on the diagram to enlarge.)

    Bass Fretboard

    Know what you’re talking about by knowing where all the notes are on your fretboard! This information will help with fingerings, learning licks, soloing, and creating great bass lines. (Click on the diagram to enlarge.)

    Free Bass Sight Reading Information

    These are documents I created to answer some of the questions many bass players have about sightreading.

    Preparing to Sightread
    Taken from the Introduction to my Essential Sightreading Studies books, here are the exact steps you need to take before you try to sightread ANY music on the bass.



    16th Note Rhythms
    The Six Basic 16 Note Rhythms
    These 6 patterns of 16th notes form the basis of all 16th note rhythms. You absolutely must recognize these 6 patterns if you want to sightread charts with 16th notes in them!



    Tied 16th Note Rhythms
    These tied rhythms are seen as the most challenging material to read. But, you can’t let these rhythms stop you from mastering sightreading! THIS FREE DOCUMENT GIVES YOU ALL THE TIED 16TH COMBINATIONS!

    Great Bass Players

    There’s a terrific presentation about four great jazz bassists online.  Click the diagram below to link to the presentation: