Listen to David Play

Listen to My Bass Playing Here

I started my music career as a bass player – working in bands, playing sessions, giving bass lessons in my private studio, and teaching at San Francisco State University. Here’s a selection of my bass playing.


Here are two tracks I recorded with no overdubs, punches, or edits.

Babaluwaiye– An intricate chordal slapping solo originally played by Kai Eckhardt on the 1988 Vital Information album Fiafiaga.

Unquity Road – My solo bass arrangement of this song from the 1976 Pat Metheny trio album Bright Size Life that featured Jaco Pastorius on bass and Bob Moses on drums.


Excerpts from a few of the songs I’ve recorded as a band member or as a hired studio musician. These include both fretted and fretless tracks in a wide variety of genres.
(To clearly hear the bass, I recommend good quality earbuds, headphones, or speakers –
NOT the unfortunate speakers in your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!!)

On the CD Rebirth by alt pop group Handsome Poets
Everybody Knows
Too Much
Gotta Get Up

From Here and There, the debut CD from singer-songwriter Jessie Turner
Wicked Under Fire
Here and There
Words You’ve Spoken
Don’t I Know You
Rhythm of the Rain

Unreleased material from rock group Trial by Fire (headed by singer Randy Baldwin)
I Fall
I Wonder
It Happened Again

On the CDs Moon Over Tuesday and Sandancer from singer/trumpeter Big Skin
Sayonara Baby
Has Been
Sea of Doubt
The Kingfisher
Watch Your Step
Banzai Cadillac

On guitarist Jack Gates’ CDs New Geography and Earth Messenger
Prairie Song
Moonlight on Sand
New Geography

A samba groove with Brazilian singer Liza Silva
Meu Recado

From the CD Rooted by roots rocker Bill Meyer
Stupid Love

Two fretless tracks with world jazz group Continuum (led by violinist Sarn Oliver)
Dim Sum Raga

From a demo session with Nashville recording artist Philip Claypool
The Most Beautiful Girl
She’s No Lady
Just My Imagination

On Bill Schmidt’s trip-techno-rock CD Out of Nowhere
Out of Nowhere
That’s Anita Richards, Bill