What David’s Doing Now

Here’s everything I’m currently working on:

  • Coaching individual musicians, bands, and ensembles in northern California.
  • Giving skype coaching to musicians worldwide.
  • Writing blog posts and sending out a Practice Tip of the Week to all the musicians who follow me.
  • Applying my Ten Minute Virtuoso strategies for performance mastery for athletes and public speakers.
  • Planning ways to release my Ten Minute Virtuoso ebooks as print books, audio books, and videos.
  • Holding seminars and workshops for musicians who want to apply my Ten Minute Virtuoso strategies in a live environment.

    And, my non-work activities that are very important to me:

  • Swimming laps every weekday morning.
  • Finding the world’s best views and adding them to my ViewGuru blog. (My passion project.)
  • Taking day trips with my wife whenever we can!

    I’ll update this page as things change. (Last updated January, 2017.)