What Musicians Say About David Motto

Ten Minute Virtuoso Method
Coaching with David Motto

Our most recent EP would not have been possible without everything I learned from David Motto.
Ross Learn, guitarist/bassist
Stealing the Sun
San Francisco, CA

David Motto’s fresh and creative approach broke my old mind-set about how the best musicians got that way. I do more now in ten minutes of practice than I used to accomplish in weeks, if ever.
Michael Papanek
Piedmont, CA

As an adult beginner, I didn’t know where to start to learn the piano. The Ten Minute Virtuoso method gives me a clear path forward and answers all my questions.
David Bennett
Hillsborough, CA

This is so good and so smart. When practice time became limited for me 30 years ago, I wish I’d had this guidance for matching available time to efficient practice and sustainable progress. I’m glad to be putting it to use today.
Jay R Witt, saxophonist
San Bruno, CA

Music coaching really opened me up to ideas to get the most of my practice sessions. It’s something I’ve never been exposed to before. I actually feel motivated now! No matter what instrument you play, David will help you learn to practice effectively!
Mike Hopper
Madison, IN


David Motto and John-Carlos Perea

Practicing is as much about shaping and focusing the mind as it is about instrumental technique. Learning this balance through my experiences with David has helped me to find and stay on my path as a musician..
John-Carlos Perea, PhD
Grammy-Winning cedar flutist/ bassist/vocalist
San Francisco, CA

Your eBooks are priceless. Thank you for your great insight on how to make use of my practice time.
Tyrone Southerland
Atlanta, GA

David Motto delivers powerful tips designed to transform musicians by helping them make the right decisions with their limited practice time. When he first shared these strategies with me, I realized there was a whole new way for me to think about playing my instrument. My playing immediately changed for the better.
Jason Craven
guitarist/bassist/music educator
La Honda, CA

I have read the Ten Minute Piano Virtuoso and I can say definitively that it truly has helped me with my practice techniques. I believe many musicians will benefit from it, as I have..
Linda Berlin, pianist
Las Vegas, NV


David’s Practice Tips

Your practice tips are clearly a product of decades of research on what works and what doesn’t. God bless you for de-mystifying the process for us who never thought we could get better at this.
Monet Silvestre, keyboardist
Manila, Philippines

I love the Practice Tips you’re providing. Thank you so much.
Toni Gross, cellist
Las Cruces, NM

I want to thank you for your ‘practice tips of the week’ – I find them really good, interesting and very helpful … thanks for doing it, and sharing such useful ideas.
David Hurford, trumpeter
United Kingdom

Thanks again for sending wonderful tips which are really very useful for all musicians.
Augustine Chinnappan Muthriar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


You give the best advice ever!! Keep it coming!
Alice Kay McFarland, pianist
Columbus, GA

I read the Top Ten Practice Tips and I want to say that it’s reaaaaaally perfect! Thank you for your books.
Zohreh Mahmoodi, violinist
Karaj, Iran

All your tips have helped me SO much!
Linnèa Butler, flutist/pianist
Burlingame, CA

I’ve been using your practice planner for years, and your practice tip about recording yourself was my inspiration for finally buying a digital recorder and indeed listening to my playing. Your website and practice tips are such a great resource.
Janet Hince, harpist
Charlotte, NC

Musician’s Practice Planner

Saxophonist Branford Marsalis

This is a great book. If you want to make serious use of your practice time, the Musician’s Practice Planner is for you.
Branford Marsalis
Grammy-winning saxophonist

Trumpeter Randy Brecker

An excellent tool to help students, educators and professionals organize and clarify practice.
Randy Brecker
Grammy-winning trumpeter

Concert Violinist Robert McDuffie

…a wonderful progress gauge for students and performers alike. It’s a great book!
Robert McDuffie
Grammy-nominated violin soloist

Flutist Eugenia Zukerman

The Musician’s Practice Planner is a tremendous asset for both teacher and student… a terrific teaching tool!
Eugenia Zukerman
Acclaimed flute soloist


Singer-Songwriter Bruce Hornsby

This is a great organizational tool for focusing your energies towards the daily pursuit of growing on your instrument.
Bruce Hornsby
Platinum-selling singer/ songwriter/pianist

Drummer Steve Smith

The Practice Planner can help you stay focused on what you really need to practice by making you more conscious of how you’re spending your practice time. I’ve been enjoying using this valuable tool.
Steve Smith
Famed jazz/rock drummer

Pianist and Conductor Jeffrey Kahane

The Musician’s Practice Planner belongs on every student’s music stand…a superbly thought out tool for learning.
Jeffrey Kahane
Piano soloist/conductor

alt="Mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade"

When practice is presented in a fun and organized way, it works! This wonderful planner accomplishes just that.
Frederica von Stade
World-renowned mezzo soprano