The Method

What Is the Ten Minute Virtuoso Method?

The Ten Minute Virtuoso Method is an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach for learning musical instruments.

I developed this method after decades of research and thousands of hours helping musicians improve.

The Ten Minute Virtuoso Method is designed to help you at every stage of learning music – so you always make the most forward progress in the least amount of time.

The Two Core Principles

Practice 10 Minutes a Day

If you are really crammed for time and find that you have a hard time getting to your music, carve out just 10 minutes a day. Practicing a few minutes each day will give you more forward progress than practicing for an hour or more once a week. And, yes, you really do have time to play music for just 10 minutes every single day!

Practice 10 Minutes at a Time

If you’re lucky enough to have an hour or more per day to play music, be sure to break these longer practice sessions into a series of highly-focused, 10-minute segments. You’ll maximize the amount you can learn, avoid frustration, and help your muscle memory.

Putting the Principles to Work

Make it easy to play 10 minutes a day. You have to admit, each of these ideas is incredibly simple. They’re so simple that, once you hear them, they seem obvious and you may wonder why you’re not already following them.

Always feel good about playing music. The truth is, hardly any musicians follow these two simple ideas. Making these Two Core Principles the focus of how you learn music will change your life. You’ll see an end to your frustration in the practice room, and you’ll erase any guilt you may feel for not playing music today just because you didn’t have “enough” time.

Know that you’re improving. I take these two simple, core ideas and offer you specific steps that turbocharge your playing. My goal is always to make sure you are moving as efficiently and effectively as possible toward mastering your instrument.

Start your path to become a Ten Minute Virtuoso.

Your materials have been a miracle for me and have totally changed my life.
I now make really good progress. I just can’t thank you enough.

James Martin Crane, pianist, Los Angeles, CA