I focus on the most efficient and effective ways for musicians to feel confident and be in control. This is the very essence of my Ten Minute Virtuoso Method.
–David Motto

Get David Motto for Your Event

I’m available to speak to groups of musicians worldwide. I give talks, master classes, and clinics to musicians of all ages, levels, and genres in:

  • Universities, Conservatories, and Schools
  • Music Conferences, Camps, and Festivals
  • Music Stores and Special Events

My Public Music Workshops

Throughout the year, I give public workshops that cover the topics musicians regularly ask for help with. Each workshop is a one-day instensive. Musicians bring their instruments and have playing and coaching opportunities at the workshop.

Topics from The Ten Minute Virtuoso

I cover a wide variety of topics, and I always focus audiences on the core principle of my Ten Minute Virtuoso Method: There is always an efficient and effective way to learn, improve, and become a master.

Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Top Ten Practice Tips
  • The Surprising Truth about Memory and Muscles
  • A Foolproof Method for Achieving Goals
  • Learning Doesn’t Happen at Your Lesson
  • Making Time for Music is Your Busy Life
  • The Three Biggest Mistakes Every Musician Makes
  • Don’t Trust Your Intuition
  • The Three Phases of Practicing and Why You Better Know the Difference
  • Practicing, Rehearsing, and Performing – and How Musicians Confuse Them

Contact Me for Detailed Information

I customize everything I do for the specific audience I’m working with, so you know that my message will be targeted to your needs.

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